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" Osa, che a rinunciare ce la fanno tutti "

How I got here:

Ciao! My name is Claudia. I grew up in Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, spending summer holidays alternatively in the Alps walking or at sea in Italy and Greece, swimming.

At 13, I visited CERN in Geneve, and I unconsciously decided to study physics. The first time I read a book on climate change, I was 16, but the decision to focus on atmospheric physics came only later, after my bachelor degree. And then, the path was clear. My passion for clouds and Nature and the desire to go forward doing science pushed me up North to Cologne, where I got my Ph.D. On a parallel track, I developed my creativity, becoming a dancer, a photographer, and whatever else comes to my mind for developing a cool project.


Why I am here now:

Being and growing up in Nature helped me understanding we are just visitors on this planet. We owe the Earth our lives and all the beauty surrounding us.  Here in Cologne, I am becoming the woman I am aiming at, bringing together my creativity and the scientist I am. The project is ambitious, and the goal is high, but it is the most exciting thing I ever tried. So… here we go…. I am now working as a post-doc at the university, with passion and enthusiasm, to bridge the gap between the academia and society.


The future:

We have 20 years before it is too late to do something to counteract the human impact on the climate. This is the time. No other chances. No different generations are going to be as responsible as mine for not taking action on this. That’s what my future will be about. I just want to use my intelligence, my energies, and my enthusiasm for this.


last update: 18 January 2023